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Agua Santa Mexican Lager
The inspiration behind our

agua santa

mexican lager

was born from our hard-working brewers who work tirelessly to create the best liquid possible. For years they have been making beers that have been in demand from our customers, working long hours to execute their craft. When they would finish their shift, they would gravitate towards a crisp lager that would reward them for a hard day’s work and would not weigh them down. In 2014, we asked them to develop a full-flavored beer that they would long for at the end of their day. And they went to the drawing board and created a fully-decocted, six-week aged Mexican Lager. We describe it as “Sabor sin Sacrificio” - “Flavor without Sacrifice.”

The name Agua Santa means

“holy water.”

Our intention is that the liquid in your glass, or can, is not only sacred, but it brings a sense of relief and connection to one’s happiness. Beer is a social liquid, meant to be shared with those you care about, but it is also a gift that can bring a gentle pause and appreciation for what is most important in life. Life is tough enough, so why not treat yourself to something special, something created just for you, your own “Holy Water”. Whether you enjoy after work, after a long hike, or at home with the those you love, Agua Santa™ has been crafted to meet your expectations.

This Mexican-Inspired Lager is best defined by the word


Both dry and refreshing, Agua Santa is made from high quality pilsner malt, flaked maize, and noble hops. Agua Santa is a brilliant pale straw color with the subtle aroma of floral meadows and a hint of sweet corn. So, call up your friends, get the barbeque fired up, Y ¡Prepárate para relajarte, Salud!

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